Afero Platform Status

Refer to the data below for current and recent history of Afero Platform Status checks.
ID Check Date/Time Result Duration Region
Current Status: -

Roughly every 60 seconds, software we refer to as the "Afero Canary" simulates a user interaction with the Afero Platform by signing in to the Afero API, establishing a secure socket connection with the Cloud, and executing and validating a series of commands.

The Canary monitoring system exercises most subsystems of the Afero Cloud. It is a powerful and proven "early warning" system for detecting problems occurring within the Platform.

The table to the left shows data from the last 12 hours of Platform Status tests.
Status Reference

Healthy = The Afero Cloud is operating normally.

Degraded = There is a Service Degradation, and the Afero Operations Team has been paged.