Afero Event Feed

Receive and process near real-time Afero device event data using either AWS or Google as the technology provider of your choice. Securely feed your own analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and other backend processes with structured IOT event data with just a few clicks.

1. Device Events Created

Your Afero powered devices create events on our cloud when attributes change, devices connect or disconnect from the cloud and when customers on-board devices.

2. Events Queued for Delivery

The Afero Cloud normalizes these events in structured, easy to consume JSON objects (one object for each event) and adds them to a secure, durable and globally distributed queue.

3. Your Cloud Consumes these events

Using the programming language of your choice, your cloud can consume these events for use in AI applications, to trigger custom code or for any other purpose specific to your business case.

Ready to Start Receiving Events?

Choose your preferred Cloud Platform from the list below to get started:
Amazon (AWS) SQS Queue

  • Best for customers familiar with AWS
  • Delivery of messages to a managed SQS queue
  • Durable, Globally Distributed and Secure
  • Client Libraries available for most languages
Google (GCP) PubSub Topic

  • Best for Google Cloud Platform Customers
  • Low latancy, durable topic based system
  • Both push- and pull-style subscriptions supported
  • Easy-to-use REST/JSON API